Branding solutions we can offer you

Fibre laser | engraving metal items

CO2 laser | engraving and cutting non-metal items

UV direct-to-product printing

Large-format inkjet printing / cutting

Heat transfer printing

Screen printing

There are obviously advantages and limitations to each of these branding methods.

If you’re unsure of the best solution for your particular branding needs, we’ll gladly advise on the most suitable way forward.


We use vector-based artwork for all our branding techniques, created with graphics software like CorelDRAW.

No artwork? No stress! If you only have a JPEG version of the logo you want branded onto an item, for R400 per hour, or part thereof, we will trace the logo for you, and you will then have that vector-based artwork for future use.

Study shows promo products make a lasting impression

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute in the US, promotional products are defined as “items that have an advertiser’s logo and/or message on them… usually given away free by companies to consumers.”

In their study titled The Power of Promotional Products 2020, the Institute revealed that consumers keep a promo item for an average of one year, stating quality (52%), utility (48%), and attractiveness (36%) as the main reasons.

The average number of impressions each promo item delivers was also calculated by multiplying how long consumers have the item, by how many people they come in contact with when using it, and the frequency of that item’s usage.

Some topline findings of the study

An average piece of promo outerwear (e.g. hoodie) generates 6,100 impressions throughout its lifetime – by far the highest number of impressions of any promo item measured in the study

An average promo T-shirt generates 3,400 impressions throughout its lifetime, with 63% of consumers keeping that T-shirt for over a year, and 47% keeping it for more than two years

An average promo umbrella is kept for 14 months

An average promo power bank is kept for 12 months

73% of consumers own a promo bag

71% of Gen Xers are more likely to do business with an advertiser who gives them a promo drinkware item (e.g. water bottle or travel mug)

51% of consumers are more likely to do business with an advertiser who gives them a promo pen

One-third of men wear a promo headwear item (e.g. cap) weekly, and keep it for an average of two years or more

A promo memory stick generates 700 impressions throughout its lifetime

The good news is that we can brand ALL of these promo products for you, and more!